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Chairman's Report 2014

This Year
First of all JK – this must be an odd experience not standing here at the front.  Looking back at my first year as chairman I am very pleased that the club has carried on as normal – a family club!

Since the last AGM there was a major development in the club coffers.  Thanks to Awards for All we were awarded £7000.  An ipad was the most extravagant purchase along with many other sensible buys.

As a result of this, there has been a development in the canoe polo discipline.  The new buoyancy aids, helmets, paddles, boats, polo balls have been well used and most importantly additional pool sessions have been well attended.   The latter was only achieved through negotiation with the community centre that the UN would be proud of.  We also attended two polo tournaments coming a consistent 6th place both times – I won’t tell you out of how many teams tho!

On a more somber note we did suffer an arson attack on the clubs giant paddle as part of the Sculpture trail.  The assailants are still at large.

Membership remains healthy.  There has been an increase in memberships from the Banchory Area.  Thanks in part go to Katie Davies for spreading the word.

(Official) access to Queens Loch/Aboyne Loch rumbles on.

With all this kit coming in we needed someone who was good with spreadsheets, handy with a laminator and eye for a bargain.  James did a grand job at purchasing, organising and keeping the rest of us right.  I would like to take this opportunity to thanks James for his two years as equipment officer with a few gifts.
(Give card/whisky/laminating pouches)

Trips and club events
There was one club event that stood out way above the rest.  This was because a certain Olympic paddler attended bringing with him his gold medal, his mummy and an estimated 100 people attended this event.  This was a fantastic evening and it lead to a cluster of new members.

Apart from this, trips, pool sessions and events have been very well attended, even oversubscribed once or twice leading to people being turned away or an over full trip.  Most have been on the best river in Scotland (but don’t tell anyone else that).    Highlights for me have been an Upper Upper Don trip, Middle Findhorn and Gorge, Spey, summer paddling on a V.V.low Dee and a Pirate Themed – It’s a Washout.  Also a manic Tiddlers pool session – 12 under 7’s in boats - to be repeated soon (Brackets I can’t make that one – heading to Abernethy with P7).

Way back in March one of the club coaches became Aberdeenshire Sport Councils - Coach of the Year – JK
The Fish of the Year – Ben Townson
New trophies were acquired for - Youth Paddler – Kirsty Bruce
And a new award for 2013 – ‘Thanks for all the bothering Award’ – Donald Silcock.

Kirsty Bruce achieved her level 1 Coaching qualification back in June.  Rumour has it that this has and will inspire 3 more youngsters to follow in her footsteps.
5 club members completed their 4star canoe leader training and hopefully some of them will go onto assessment soon.

  Thanks to Abi for taking the minutes (on the ipad) and emailing them before we have left The Boat Inn. 
To Donald for keeping the money sorted and for all the bothering.  Donald’s 8th AGM as treasurer!

To James for keeping the kit sorted – You will be missed!
To Josh/Kirsty for representing the younger members.
Dale for being the Child Protection person. 
To Maria for attending meetings (and occasionally Miles) and letting the wisdom flow – spigots comes to mind.
To JK for his advice and support as Rear Admiral.
Coaches:  Donald, Dale, JK, Stuart, Scott and Kirsty for all the “being in charge”. 
Gwen:  A massive thanks has to go to Gwen for taking on the pool bookings this year.  She has taken the bookings (for twice as many pool sessions), dealt with the money and helped out on pool side.  A very reliable young person!
Shed Owners: To Karen, Katie and Pippa, for the boat shed.
Members: And finally thanks go to all those members that came paddling – because that’s what we are all about! 

Hope to see as many of you on the water in the coming year,




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